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Thanks for being here!  These thoughts and experiences I share here are my own. I believe in being real and staying true to my values and beliefs in the life that I live.  I do not impose my beliefs onto others and I do not expect others to agree with everything that I post here.  I am not a perfect individual, nor do I pretend to be. I am comfortable with my imperfections (although it took me years of practicing perfectionism and people-pleasing – how exhausting – to get to this place).  My personal and professional experiences have helped (and will continue to help) me grow as an individual and I will share some of these experiences here with you.  Any professional cases or stories I share will have names and specific details changed to protect the confidentiality of my clients.

Disclaimer: Any advice or comments in this blog do not replace professional counseling and therapy services. If you know someone who is having difficulty navigating through a challenge in life, please encourage them to seek professional help.


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