Seven Days of Happiness

Meditation is a practice that I try and use on a daily basis. I like to do it first thing in the morning because I believe it helps to set my mood and my intention for the day.  Today I used my Calm App and began my guided meditation on “Seven Days of Happiness.”  The focus in this first exercise was on gratitude which I thought was great! This is something that I encourage my clients to do to help improve their mood and bring positivity into their awareness.  I really appreciated the reminder about being grateful for our senses and other internal processes (for me, I am grateful that I still have all of my senses, and in addition, a healthy liver now that the tumor has been removed!).  Many of us quite often focus on external and material things to be grateful for (yes, I am guilty of this sometimes too), and the fact that the facilitator gently reminded me to turn inwards and toward my physical being was powerful.

If you haven’t downloaded the Calm App to your smartphone, I strongly recommend it!

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