Sunday Night Dinner

pork chops with dijon herb sauce

Sunday nights at my house are known for food prepping and baking.  I find this helps set the week up for success.  It also helps that I enjoy cooking and find it calming, which is good, because sometimes food prepping can be time-consuming!  And still, I think its totally worth the extra hassle on Sunday to make a busy week a lot easier.  It saves money and also reduces the chance of me stopping and picking up something unhealthy!

Today I chose to make Pork Chops with Dijon Herb Sauce from @skinnytaste! I love Gina’s website and recipes – my husband and I make at least one recipe per week from her website! The side is a quick microwaveable protein blend from green giant (I think?).  There was enough in the bag for another meal and we made two servings of pork chops! This will be great to enjoy another night this week.

See below for today’s quick and easy 30-minute recipe!

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