Good Vibes Only

I was having a challenging day yesterday in dealing with the 40 minutes to an hour long waits while trying to connect with my oh-so-fun and favorite insurance companies regarding claims.  I am sure both members and providers can relate to my pain, in trying to get in touch with their insurance rep.   Anyway, I was feeling all the feelings of frustration, and I knew I needed to do something to turn my frustration into something more positive and productive.   As I was on the phone listening to hold music, I thought to myself, what could I do to improve the moment?  I closed my eyes, and imagined being on a beach, listening to the waves crash on the shore. Each wave that crashed against the shore, I matched to my breathing, and immediately felt calmer.  I did this for about five or six minutes, and felt better.

To continue the positive thought train, I began planning in my head all of the things I would do during my next vacation.  I don’t know if other people feel this way, but having a trip or something else planned that I can look forward to tends to keep me motivated.    I started thinking about where I would like to stay (bed and breakfast versus a hotel), imagining big fluffy pillows, the smell of clean sheets, comforters, candles, and the carefree feeling that I can allow myself to adopt when I vacation.

While I continued to wait on hold, I shifted my thoughts to some things I could do to relax later.  I knew I had this bath bomb (pictured below) waiting for me at home, to be used at the right moment.  A smile flickered across my face, and I had a feeling that later tonight would be the right moment to kick back and enjoy a warm bubble bath.  They always make me feel more calm.

good vibes

I was definitely feeling better after I used my skills!  Remember, you are in control of the direction your day can go!  If you can focus on something positive and change your thoughts, you can change your negative feelings!   Have a great day everyone!

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