The Coast Visualization


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There’s something about the coast that brings me peace.  I don’t get there often, and perhaps that’s why I can really appreciate it.  This trip was my first time to California. San Diego was beautiful and sunny when we visited.  Its an active community, but there are certainly many people that I observed strolling along the marina.  I can see the appeal in living there.  I am realistic and know that its not sunny and 75 degrees every day, but am grateful that it was when I was there because that is the memory I can recall.

Really digging into this feeling of peace more, I think a lot of it has to do with my ability to allow myself to be fully present here, tapping into all of my senses.  I hear the waves crashing against the shore, feel the cool breeze provide comfort on a warm day, smell the salt of the ocean, and feel the sun on my face.

In appreciating my senses and all that nature had to offer that day, I felt the experience to be very therapeutic.  I love this photo, not because I like boats (which I do), but because I think it sums up my experience walking along the marina.  On days when I feel more stressed, I close my eyes and think about my time here, and all that my senses took in.  The visualization helps bring me back to that state of calm.

Are there any experiences or visualizations that you find to be therapeutic?

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