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Alisha (Ali) Rybicki Barnum is the founder of Kane County Counseling Services, LLC, a private practice located in Saint Charles, Illinois.

She is a Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor and National Board-Certified Counselor with over ten years of experience that includes direct service, case management, career counseling, community mental health counseling and private practice counseling.  She holds a Master’s Degree in Clinical Professional Psychology from Roosevelt University and a Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Psychology from UIC.

Ali works as an Individual, Couples and Family Therapist at Kane County Counseling Services in Saint Charles, IL and proudly serves Saint Charles and the western/northwestern suburbs.   She primarily sees adolescents, teens, and adults.

As a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional in the state of Illinois, Ali has extensive training and experience in helping survivors of traumatic events heal.   These survivor experiences include, but are not limited to emotional/physical/sexual abuse or neglect, accidents, injuries, witnessing an accident or death, and loss of a loved one. 

She specializes in working with families going through life transitions, with a focus on providing support in the following areas: healing and moving forward after loss, premarital counseling, family planning, guidance for blending/blended families, helping families resolve family conflict, improving communication, creating effective and lasting parenting strategies, healing after separation/divorce, and any other challenges that may arise.

As a trained Military OneSource and Tricare provider, Ali is passionate about working with active, reserve and military retirees and their families.  She listens, learns and works to understand the sacrifices, challenges and rewards that can arise with being a member of this culture. Her goal is to provide the best counseling services she can to aid these brave men and women and their families in improving the quality of relationships, resolving conflict, and healing from trauma.

Many of the strategies she uses are derived from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT).  She helps people work through overwhelming emotions by teaching them evidence-based strategies to manage their emotions in a healthy way and increase their tolerance to stress.  She believe that all individuals deserve to be respected, heard, and have their needs met in their relationships.  She teaches individuals and couples how to express emotions effectively while being mindful and considerate of others.

Ali is an open-minded, active listener who provides a safe and comfortable environment for people to share their thoughts and emotions without feeling judge. She helps clients to make connections between their thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and behaviors, and teaches them how to look at challenging situations from different perspectives.  She enjoys helping people to set realistic, attainable goals, and supports them as they work towards those goals.  She uses motivational techniques and strengths-based strategies to empower individuals to make lasting changes. She is passionate about helping people learn the skills necessary for a greater sense of peace, happiness and fulfillment in their lives; especially in their relationships with others!

Ali is currently accepting new clients.  She can be reached at 630-797-9192 or by email at

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